Gold Level for LEAD Program

Deadline: March 1

Pre-requisites: Bronze Level and Silver Level

Instructions: Complete 15 activities.

  • Students: When you’ve completed the activities, share them with your adviser. Include these items on your Tallo online profile:
    • Upload six activities/projects of your choice that your worked on for the Gold Level
    • Request your LEAD Gold Level Badge
  • AdvisersFill out this form once you’ve verified students have completed the Gold Level.


1. Electronic Certificate of Recognition that the adviser can download and print to award at a local chapter meeting or event.

2. LEAD Gold Level Badge to upload to their Leadership Portfolio.

3. Pin and ribbon awarded at the National Leadership Conference.

Gold Level Activities

Leadership: Team Awesome

Activity 1: Get some R&R
Complete the Recruitment Pledge card. Recruit two new paid members to FBLA-Middle Level by January 15. Have them sign a pledge to join again next year and join you on a recruitment committee. (Complete and save pledge card).

Activity 2: Promote Yourself! 
Create and video a 30 second sales pitch all about YOU! (Save your sales pitch).

Activity 3: Game On!
In a team, create a game designed for elementary students to have fun learning about economics and the free enterprise system. Be creative!  This can be a board game, card game, BINGO game, scavenger hunt, etc.  Give the game a name, design a logo, create instructions, and design the materials needed to play. Follow with a poster contest about why people should SHOP (your town). (Save a photo of and your team holding the game and a summary of the rules of the game, what the students and what the students learned. Include at least two photos of you and your team teaching the game to elementary students and a press release of the winner’s of the poster contest holding their winning designs.  Save all of these activities).

Activity 4: Buddy Up!
Mentor a new ML member or shadow a high school FBLA member. (Write and save a 100 word summary of your experience and include a photo of you and your buddy).

Activity 5: Thank Your Adviser
Design a card to give to your local chapter adviser during Adviser Appreciation Day during FBLA-PBL week. (Save a copy of your card).

Activity 6: NFLC or Bust
Attend the FBLA-ML Track at the National Fall Leadership Conference. (Write and save a press release and a photo of all of your chapter members who attended this conference).

Education: Game Changer

Activity 1: Business… Know How!
Research a local or area business and identify its mission and the year it was founded. Describe the target market and identify at least two competitors. Determine the number of employees, describe the services/products it offers, estimate the cost of at least one product/service vs. the sales price.  Finally, obtain a quote about business success and a business card from someone who works there. Use technology to present your findings during an FBLA meeting or in class. Have someone tape your presentation. (Save a copy of your video).

Activity 3: Use Technology Wisely
Complete the Digital Citizenship Quiz, which covers appropriate and responsible technology use, with a score of 90% or better. (Complete the interactive quiz).

Activity 4: Hot Careers
Research careers in technology (cyber security, computer systems analyst, software engineer, computer programmer, web developer, mobile developer etc.) (Write and save a 100 word report on the career that you find the most interesting and why you like that particular career).

Activity 5: Character Hired
In a team, choose a movie, video game, or television show that you all like (and that your parents approve).  Have each team member choose a character. Create a group presentation highlighting each character and at least three strengths and one weakness that they possess. As a group, pretend you are employers starting a business. Identify which character you would want to hire to be on your team, and explain why at a chapter meeting. Have someone tape your presentation. (Save a copy of your presentation).

Activity 6: It’s All About the Job
February 2 is National Job Shadowing Day. Championed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and many other organizations, National Job Shadowing Day provides youth a unique look into different industries and careers within those industries. With the help and approval of your local adviser, shadow a businessperson in a career that interests you. (Complete and save the job shadowing form).

Service: 5 Star Honors

Activity 1: Join the Movement
Your Community Service Project Committee has planned a Prematurity Awareness Day Promotion (November 17) in which you and all of your members where purple and take a photo. You and your committee must participate in one other planned project: (1) Make small ribbons to represent March for Dimes. When giving them out to people ask for a small donation of any amount they can!  Or (2) contact your closest March of Dimes chapter for paper cut-outs and sell them for $1-2 at your school, your parents’ workplaces, or in a central location on your campus. (Write and save a press release with a photo about this project and a copy of the completed official fundraising form which includes the total amount raised by everyone in your chapter).

Activity 2: Show School Pride
In a group and with your adviser’s approval, plan and participate in a school service project: (1) sponsor a teacher appreciation activity,  (2) offer babysitting services for Parent Teacher Conferences, (3) or create Thank You” cards to leave for teachers, parents, classmates, and staff. (Prepare and save a news release that includes at least one photo).

Activity 3: Become an Eco-Champ
Choose and complete one of the following activities:  (1) Watch the animated film, Wall-E and write an essay about what happens when the Earth’s resources are used up or (2) Tour a zoo with your local chapter and find out how many animals in the zoo are at risk of becoming extinct. Take a photo of one of the animals, research that animal, and prepare a 1 page report (Upload your essay, summary or report).

Activity 4: Help the Homeless
As part of your chapter’s community service project, with your adviser and other chapter members, fill backpacks with cups, pots, pans, soap, toothpaste, and other cosmetics to create homeless “survival kits” to be distributed to homeless shelters in your community. (Prepare and save a news release that includes at least one photo).

Activity 5: Serve your Community
Walk dogs, collect mail, shovel snow, or rake leaves for someone in your neighborhood who needs the help. (Prepare and save a one page memo to your local chapter adviser about the benefits of this activity).

Activity 6: Member Choice
Support a community service effort/project of your choice that requires a minimum of 10 service hours. Remember to get approval from your adviser for your selected activity. (Complete the project planning form).