Silver Level for LEAD Program

Deadline: March 1

Pre-requisiteBronze Level

Instructions: Complete 12 activities.

  • Students: When you’ve completed the activities, share them with your adviser. Include these items on your Tallo online profile:
    • Upload six activities/projects of your choice that your worked on for the Silver Level
    • Request your LEAD Silver Level Badge
  • AdvisersFill out this form once you’ve verified students have completed the Silver Level.


1. Electronic LEAD Silver Level Certificate of Recognition that can be downloaded and printed by the local chapter adviser to award at a local chapter meeting or event

2. Electronic LEAD Silver Level Badge

3. LEAD Silver Level pin mailed to the state adviser

Silver Level Activities

Leadership: Team Impact

Activity 1: Everybody In! 
Work in a team to recruit and motivate participation in FBLA-ML. (1) tri-fold brochure and a (2) video, movie, radio, or TV announcement promoting FBLA-ML to fellow students. (Work with your adviser to save your presentation to YouTube or SlideShare so others can be inspired by your creativity).

Activity 2: Winner’s Circle! 
Compete in an FBLA-ML competitive event at the District/Regional, State, or National levels. (Take a selfie at the conference and write a brief paragraph about what you competed in and what you learned. Save both).

Activity 3: Programs that Pop 
Select one of the many FBLA-Middle Level educational programs, conferences, or competitive events that interest you. Write a three paragraph essay sharing what this program is, why you are interested in it, and what you need to do start participating in the program. (Save a copy of your essay).

Activity 4: Celebrate FBLA-ML! 
Work in a team to create a 30-second promotional commercial advertising your chapter’s plans for American Enterprise Day or FBLA-PBL Week. Play it at a local chapter meeting. (Save a copy the commercial).

Activity 5: Design Some FBLA-Middle Level Gear 
Design a t-shirt for your local chapter. Make sure to include the current national theme and the official FBLA-PBL logo somewhere on this design. Note: The FBLA-PBL MarketPlace (Upload a copy of the design)

Activity 6: An Elevator Pitch that Takes You to the Top 
Create an Elevator Speech about FBLA-ML. (Record your pitch – save the video or audio).

Education: Kudos Korner

Activity 1: Communicate with Flair 
Complete the FBLA-ML Business Communications quiz with a score of 90 percent or better. (Record your score and share it with your adviser).

Activity 2: It’s All About You! 
Create a magazine cover that is about you. Choose one word that describes you for the title of the publication. Then, be sure you follow all of the requirements. Be creative and make the finished product look as professional as possible. (Save a copy of your magazine cover).

Activity 3: Highlight YOU 
Complete “All About” worksheet. (Save your completed copy).

Activity 4: Discover the American Dream 
Write an essay on the topic, “What Does American Enterprise Mean to You?” (Save a copy of your essay).

Activity 5: Find Your Career Connections 
Complete, save, and upload the Careers Crossword Puzzle.

Activity 6: Learn Real World Skills 
Participate as part of a team for the Stock Market Game. (Your adviser will register you. Write and save a paragraph about what you learned).

Service: Shining Star

Activity 1: Join March for Babies
Your chapter’s community service committee is participating in the March for Babies closest to your community. Sign up under your FBLA-ML local chapter team. (Save a photo of you and your team at the actual walk and request the March for Babies badge).

Activity 2: Get Caught Reading 
Participate in your chapter’s Community Service Committee project to dress as up as your favorite fictional character and read a book out loud to elementary students. (Take a selfie and write a news release about your chapter’s community service project. Save both).

Activity 3: Become an Eco-Friend 
Choose and complete one of the following activities:

a. Research a celebrity who has made a significant impact on the environment or the green movement, or

b. With your adviser’s approval, invite someone to speak at one of your local chapter meetings about recycling or another topic relating to environmental issues.

(Write and save a brief summary of what you learned).

Activity 4: Make a New “Grandfriend” 
With some of your chapter members and the approval of your local chapter adviser, visit a retirement home and spend time doing fun activities with the elderly who lack immediate family. Play card games, do crafts together, teach each other new skills, make up stories, exchange advice, and build a real connection. (Take a photo of you, your members, and all of the new “grandfriends”).