FBLA Middle School members showcase their business mastery to emerge as the best of the best.

The competitive event topics for 2022-23 are as follows. For full overview, requirements, and criteria for all events, refer to the 2022-23 Competitive Event Guidelines.

Business Ethics

The ethics of a high school newspaper editor possibly selling ad space to a weight loss company. Click here to access the full topic/case study.

Elevator Speech

You and the other FBLA middle school members at your school are attending a CTSO Legislative Day at your State Capitol. You are introduced to one of your local legislators and he/she asks what FBLA is.  In a 30-second elevator speech, share with the legislator an example of a chapter activity that you’ve participated in and how you have benefitted from membership in FBLA.

Exploring Business Issues

In the last few years, businesses have struggled to hire quality employees and retain employees. Businesses are finding it more difficult to fill vacant positions or are not receiving qualified applicants. Another challenge is once they hire new employees, they are finding it difficult to retain these employees. The last obstacle is to retain employees they already have in the company with experience or years of service. What strategic plan could you give to a business to fill vacant positions? What advice could you give to a business to retain employees? Explain your reasoning.

Multimedia & Website Development

Develop a how-to website that assists students in your grade with a topic you are learning in your business, information technology, English, mathematics, science, social studies, OR world language class.   The website must include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • An animated theme and logo that includes music.
  • A form classmates can submit in order to ask for your assistance with the topic.

Video Game Challenge

Create an animated game, in any language or game/animation engine, with keyboard and/or mouse input.