National Uniform Challenge


Through the 2021 National Uniform Challenge, FBLA-PBL aims to help provide business attire for members representing our three student divisions: FBLA-Middle Level, FBLA-High School, and PBL-Collegiate, who are in need.

Due to the extraordinary work of the 2019-2020 National Officer teams, FBLA-PBL raised more than $7,500 during the 2020 Uniform Challenge that was launched in the Spring. Based on the applications that were received, 16 FBLA-PBL students received funds to purchase an FBLA-PBL business attire preparing them for local, state, national conferences, networking events, job interviews, and their promising future careers. We want to help you this year!


National Uniform Challenge 2021

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This year, our goal is $10,000 for FBLA-PBL students in good standing who cannot afford business attire due to their financial circumstances. Keep a look out on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, FBLA Twitter, PBL Twitter) for upcoming fundraising opportunities! Also check out the FBLA and PBL toolkits, for fundraising ideas and how to get involved!







If you have any questions about the 2021 Uniform Challenge please visit the FAQ page.