National Uniform Challenge FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to purchase a uniform from the FBLA-PBL Market Place if I receive the funds?
    – You are not required to purchase a uniform from the FBLA-PBL MarketPlace. You can use the funds towards uniform items in the FBLA-PBL Market Place or business attire from other vendors of your choice.
  2.  As an adviser, how can I be effective at soliciting students within my chapter that may be in need?- – Students can be reticent about seeking financial support. Advisers are encouraged to publicize the Uniform Challenge during meetings, in member and parent communications and through digital communications such as social media, group chats to encourage students to communicate with them one on one if they are interested in applying.
  3. Does my adviser have to apply on my behalf?
    – In order to complete the application to its entirety, FBLA-Middle Level and FBLA-High School students must complete the application with an adviser. PBL-Collegiate students can choose to complete their application on their own or with the help of an adviser.
  4. Can I apply if this is my last year in FBLA-PBL?
    – Yes, you can apply if this your last year in FBLA-PBL. The funds should be used towards purchasing an FBLA-PBL uniform or business attire from a vendor of your choice, in hopes that you will be prepared for the business world.
  5. Do I have to attend a national conference in order to be eligible?
    – No, you do not have to attend a national conference in order to be eligible to receive funds.
  6. How are applicants evaluated for an award?
    – A panel of student leaders and advisers will review all applications. Awards will be based a combination of the applicant’s financial need and demonstrated commitment to FBLA-PBL.
  7. Do I have to purchase an entire uniform?
    – The funds are required to be used towards an FBLA-PBL uniform or business attire from a vendor of your choice.
  8. Will my award status be confidential?
    – Yes, names of students that received funds will be kept confidential.
  9. How will the funds be distributed?
    All funds are distributed directly to the students. FBLA-PBL will direct deposit the funds into the students account (which require some forms to be filled out) but will send a check if needed. The student is responsible for completing any forms that are required.