Alumni and professionals engaged in networking and giving back to support the core of the FBLA mission.

Join the Alumni & Professional Network!

Are you a Lifetime Professional Division Member or a recent Professional Division member?

If you are a Lifetime Professional Division member or a recent Professional Division member (2017-2021), then you have automatically been opted-in to the network. To enter the network:

  1. Click on the network platform here.
  2. Use your my.FBLA credentials to log in.
  3. Accept the terms of use.
  4. View the video tutorial to set up your profile.

Are you an Alumni or Business Professional?

To join the network:

  1. Create a my.FBLA account.
  2. While setting up your account profile, scroll down to the bottom, and under the Alumni & Professional Network section, opt-in to the network by selecting Yes, I want to join!
  3. After saving your profile, click on the network platform here. *
  4. Accept the terms of use.
  5. View the video tutorial to set up your profile in the network.

* Note: Once you opt-in to the network, it can take up to an hour to process your join request.

Are you a State or Local Adviser?

State leaders and local advisers are automatically opted-in to the network. To log in to the network and start recruiting volunteers:

  1. Click on the network platform here.
  2. Use your my.FBLA credentials to log in.
  3. Accept the terms of use.
  4. View the video tutorial to set up your profile and see how to run reports for volunteers!

Alumni & Professional Network FAQ

In 2020, the FBLA Board of Directors moved to establish a network consisting of former members and other “non-student” friends of the association to create resources to support the mission, programs, and services of FBLA. Additionally, the network would support the strategic goal to become a student-focused organization and establishing a robust alumni and professional network that is focused on creating resources to support the student membership experience. The FBLA Professional Division was dissolved effective July 31, 2021.

To read more, click here.

For now, the working name is FBLA Alumni & Professional Network. FBLA is working with an external branding expert to develop a permanent name for the network.

Graduating seniors and all former members of FBLA, FBLA Collegiate, or the Professional Division are eligible to join the network. Additionally, those interested in supporting the mission or networking are also eligible to join. This includes professionals, leaders, sponsors, partners, competitive event judges, workshop presenters, advisers, and parents of members or alumni.

No, participation in the network is at no cost.

The network platform and single sign on profile link are being created. When the link and network hub are ready, an email will be sent to all former members in the database. Additionally, a campaign will be held to find alumni and encourage supporting business professionals to create a profile through the single sign on link.

Once you update or create your network profile, you do not need to confirm your interest again. You will also have the ability to deactivate your profile at any time.
Given that alumni have different interests, there is no requirement for volunteering or donating. However, opportunities will be shared as they become available. Engagement in the network is up to the individual. You will be able to manage your communications settings to your preferences.

The platform will allow users to connect professionally and socially. Each user can create a profile with various demographics that will allow for alumni, professionals, state leaders, and local chapter advisers to run directories for network and volunteering opportunities. Demographics include year of membership, division, college/university major, current career industry, volunteer interests, and more.

Only those registered to join the network may access your contact information. You are also able to manage your own privacy settings.

The Professional Division will no longer serve as a membership division, lifetime memberships are only available until July 31, 2021. Special opportunities to become a lifetime member will be announced by the National Center when they become available. Current Lifetime Professional Division members will continue to hold the benefit of attending FBLA National Conferences as a complimentary guest of the organization.

Contact Elena Daly at the National Center at (703) 860-3336 or