Welcome to PBL Direct

PBL Direct provides today’s collegiate students access to FBLA-PBL business programming without the need for a chapter presence.  This membership option is an opportunity for any post-secondary student to enjoy membership benefits.

**based on recommendations of the PBL Brand Task Force and Membership Task Force 2020-21)

This option is ideal for collegiate students who attend a school without a chapter or are enrolled in a distance learning curriculum which does not provide the opportunity to participate in a traditional PBL chapter and who are not currently a member of an existing PBL chapter.

As a PBL Direct Member, you can:

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Membership Dues
$10 for national dues.  Click here for state dues. The membership year runs August 1 through July 31.

Coming Up

PBL National Leadership Conference June 24-June 27 in Chicago, Illinois


Are you ready for FBLA-PBL WeekFBLA-PBL Week is February 13-19.

Watch the Blue Blazer Briefings broadcasts every morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time which will feature the FBLA and PBL National Officers.

Register and sign up for the forum and panel below or volunteer for community service at a local food bank, animal shelter, hospital, or nursing home.

  • February 15 – National Presidents Forum  – Register Today
    • Share Your Story Day
  • February 17 – Financial Panel – Register Today
  • February 19 – Community Service Day

A PBL member volunteers for a local community service project.

Several PBL members attended the 2022 PBL Career Connections Conference in January.

PBL members pose with their state and national awards.

FAQ’s for PBL Direct

PBL Direct is open to any post-secondary student who wants to learn more about leadership, teamwork, and networking with business leaders and potential job contacts.

Members shall be students enrolled in a post-secondary program, who accept the purpose of PBL and subscribe to its creed.  (As per 2021 PBL Bylaw amendment)

No, not unless you are enrolled in a distance learning curriculum which does not provide the opportunity to participate in the chapter at your school. You should join the chapter at your college or university.

No.  You must also pay state dues.  You may pay state dues in the state that you are attending college or a state where you reside?  The choice is up to you.

State dues are determined by each state and are submitted with national dues.  Click here for the list of state dues.

Members are active upon dues payment being received at the national center via an online credit card payment or a downloadable mail-in invoice with a check or money order.

Once you register for PBL Direct membership, you will receive a link to your personal provide where you will reset your password.  This will give you direct access to your invoice and will allow you to pay online by credit card.

Members will compete in the state where they paid state dues.  PBL Direct members are subject to the competitive event guidelines and rules of that state.

In the instance that a member resides in a state without functioning PBL representation, the Competitive Events Committee (CEC) will determine the competitors for the national level.  All aspects of competitive events are subject to review by the CEC.

PBL Direct members are eligible to run for state or national office in the state where they paid state dues if they meet all other eligibility criteria established by the state chapter.

Yes.  For the purpose of voting delegates, members of PBL Direct will be grouped by their designated state affiliation. The sub-groups thus formed will be treated as if they were local chapters within the indicated state(s) and counted be entitled to voting delegates based on the formula described below:

  • Under 50 members – two voting delegates (2)
  • 50-100 members –three voting delegates (3)
  • Over 100 members – four voting delegates (4)

Yes. In the instance that a member resides in a state without functioning PBL representation, the Elections Committee will determine appropriate delegation.