PBL National Officers

There are 9 PBL national officers who represent PBL’s membership. Elected by their peers at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) and installed during the Awards of Excellence closing ceremony, the PBL national officer team develops a program of work aligned to the strategic goals of FBLA-PBL. Throughout the year the team interacts with the membership to implement and enhance FBLA-PBL programs.

The PBL president, secretary, and treasurer represent the members on the national level; the president serves on the board of directors. The PBL parliamentarian is appointed based on his or her score on a Parliamentary Procedure exam. The vice presidents represent their respective regions.

PBL national officers are available to attend your chapter meetings or work with your chapter officers via Google Hangouts. Schedule a call today.

  • PBL National President
  • PBL National Secretary
  • PBL National Parliamentarian
  • PBL National Treasurer
  • PBL Eastern Region VP
  • PBL Mountain Plains Region VP
  • PBL North Central VP
  • PBL Southern Region VP
  • PBL Western Region VP

PBL Program of Work

PBL national officer program of work coming soon.

PBL Regions

PBL is comprised of five (5) administrative regions. Each region is represented by a regional vice president.

Candidate Guide and Handbook.

Interested in serving as a PBL national officer? Review the Candidate Guide and the National Officer Handbook.