PBL Education

Use these PBL education and leadership programs to complement your college business courses and give your students a real-world understanding of business. Enrich your course content with unique opportunities provided by PBL’s education partners.

PBL Competitive Events Program

The PBL Competitive Events program is the pinnacle of the membership year. Students compete in over 55 competitions that cover finance, marketing, technology, and much more. Competitions begin at the state level and culminate at the PBL National Leadership Conference (NLC) where the nation’s top students are recognized.

PBL Career and Membership Awards Program

The PBL Career and Membership Awards (CMAP) is an intensive leadership development program that recognizes members for achievements in a variety of career-related projects, goals, and programs. College students create a portfolio of real-world accomplishments and develop their business and leadership skills across three levels: DirectorExecutive, and President.

PBL Education Partners

PBL partners with numerous organizations to create and promote educational programs and curriculum. This content provides members with unique opportunities to practice the skills and knowledge they are learning in college classrooms.