About PD

Want to mentor the next generation of business leaders? With membership in the FBLA-PBL Professional Division, you can.

The Professional Division supports and promotes FBLA-PBL and its goals. Most importantly, its members are a critical link between the middle school, high school, and college members and serve a variety of roles, including:

  • Supporting FBLA-PBL programs and serving as liaisons between the workplace and the classroom
  • Mentoring FBLA-Middle Level, FBLA and PBL members to strengthen leadership and provide career counseling
  • Keeping FBLA-Middle Level, FBLA and PBL members informed on current business trends

Professional Division Membership Benefits

Business professionals that join the Professional Division receive benefits that include:

Travel & Network

Travel to leadership conferences to learn, teach, compete, and have fun. The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is the place to meet and network with fellowbusiness leaders from all industries. Share your experience as an established business leader with your peers and students.

Join the Professional Division

To update your national membership from regular to Lifetime, please email kpoma@fbla.org or complete the new professional form and select Lifetime membership.  We will then update the membership and send a confirmation.

Lifetime Membership: $350 (one-time fee)
– Includes Conference Benefits


Professional Division members:

  • Enhance a chapter and its activities
  • Serve as a liaison between business and the classroom
  • Share real-life experiences at meetings and workshops
  • Provide professional development training through workshops
  • Arrange tours of local businesses
  • Guide members as they prepare for competitive events
  • Judge at local, state, and national competitions
  • Help chapters with fundraising
  • Create internships and job shadowing