Professional Division National Officers

There are 3 Professional Division (PD) national officers who represent the PD membership. Elected by their peers, the PD officer team develops a program of work aligned to the strategic goals of FBLA-PBL. Throughout the year the team interacts with the membership to implement and enhance FBLA-PBL programs.

The PD President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer represent the members on the national level; the president serves on the board of directors.

  • PD National Vice President
  • PD National Secretary/Treasurer

Program of Work

View the Professional Division national officer program of work [coming soon].

PD Committees

If you are interested in serving on a Professional Division committee, please complete this form and a committee chair will contact you.

Conference Experience Committee—Assist in planning and executing programs to enhance the experience for Professional Division members at the National Fall Leadership Conferences and National Leadership Conference (Chair: Glenn Gilyot, Missouri).

Programs Committee—Lead development of core membership programs and marketing efforts that drive data collection, increased membership/renewal, and participation (Chair: Shelley Chennault, Mississippi).

Market Development Committee—Support the expansion of organized clusters of PD members in order to provide new opportunities to network and develop best practices to support other divisions while supporting the growth and sustainability of regional or state PD clusters (Chair: Shannon McConnell, North Carolina).

Business & Industry Advisory Committee—Provide input on real-world best practices as well as strategic initiatives within the organization that interface with business and industry (Chair: Alan Rzepkowski, Maryland).

PD Competitive Events Challenge

Contribute to the Professional Division Competitive Events challenge: your contribution supports an FBLA or PBL Competitive Events sponsorship.

PD National Officer Application

Interested in serving as a PD National Officer? Please fill out this application.