Project Description


Leangap™ turns ambitious teenagers into startup founders. Our program offers a hands-on approach to launching a real startup, with classes rarely consisting of lectures. Instead, we believe in guiding students through an execution-based curriculum that focuses on product building, client acquisition, fundraising, and pitching. Leangap’s unique approach doesn’t rely on simulations; students experience entrepreneurship in the real world, not through PowerPoint slides, allowing students to gain the skills inherent to a founder like leadership, creativity, public speaking, and more. Our schedule and curriculum are flexible to accommodate the challenges that each team will face throughout the program, unlike similar programs that give canned lectures to accommodate overcrowded classes. In contrast, our classes are small in size, which results in tailored attention to each carefully selected student, and a unique program modeled after a startup incubator. Spend this summer with your future co-founders and customers, and build your first of many companies!